Raikkonen and Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen, Japanese GP 2005

Kimi Raikkonen, Japanese GP 2005 

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There are reports across Europe that Kimi Raikkonen has now inked a deal to join Ferrari in 2007, whether Michael Schumacher is there or not. Stories have been published in various Finnish newspapers, in Germany where the magazine Express has quoted a Ferrari sources saying that the deal is done and in Spain where Fernando Alonso's confidant Adrian Campos has been quoted as saying that Raikkonen will not be Alonso's team mate next year.

The speculation should not , in theory, have any effect on the performance of Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa as Schumacher will not want to show any signs of weakness if he is going to go up against Raikkonen next year and may not much care if he is planning to retire, while Massa will need good performances if he is going to be out looking for a job again in 2007.

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