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FEBRUARY 23, 2006

David Price Racing and Direxiv

The DPR GP2 team has strengthened its links with Direxiv and will now be known as DPR Direxiv. Team boss David Price says that the two parties are "looking at a long term partnership with Direxiv in international motorsport".

Direxiv was linked to Formula 1 ambitions last year with McLaren and Price is a man with long experience in the sport and good connections. In addition to DPR he also runs DPS Composites, a wellknown composite components supplier in motorsport, based in Bookham, Surrey. He worked closely with McLaren Cars in sportscar racing when the team produced the racing versions of the McLaren F1 road car and prior to that worked as team manager with the Mercedes-Benz sports car team in the 1980s.

The news is sure to add to the speculation that Direxiv is going to fund a secondary McLaren team, run by Price, in the future.