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FEBRUARY 18, 2006

Rahal to race for Team Lebanon

Graham Rahal is to race for Team Lebanon in the A1GP series. The 17-year-old American, son of Bobby Rahal, tested a Formula 3000 car at Misano last week and did well and is expected to be named as the driver for Team Lebanon for the rest of the year. The word from America is that Rahal will be moving into GP2 next year if all goes well this year in the Champ Car Atlantic Championship and it seems has the ambition to become an F1 driver. Bobby Rahal had similar ambitions in the 1970s and raced for the Wolf F1 team in Canada and the United States in 1978 but then went back to America to become one of the leading names in the sport. Rahal returned to Europe in September 2000 to become the chief executive of the Jaguar Racing F1 team but fell victim to Ford politics less than a year later.