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FEBRUARY 17, 2006

Schumacher thinking of his own team

Michael Schumacher is thinking about starting his own Formula 1 team, at least according to Eddie Jordan. Michael is a big name in F1 and would probably not have too much trouble finding the money to start an operation if the right opportunity was to come up. The big question is whether or not Michael can be bothered with the F1 lifestyle after an entire career spent in the sport or whether he would be better off stopping and finding a new direction for his life. Michael is a hard worker and very focussed, which is rare in racing drivers, and so might be well-suited to the role of being a team principal but it is worth noting that most of the former drivers who have started their own teams have failed to run them very successfully. The one exception in this respect was Brabham, although that was back in the 1960s when life was a lot easier. The most recent driver who tried to run his own team was Alain Prost and the project ended in tears with massive debts.