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FEBRUARY 13, 2006

Toyota's new aerodynamic package

Panasonic Toyota Racing was the first F1 team this year to have its new car running back in November but the intention was always for the new car to be substantially upgraded before the start of the new season.

The revised TF106 will have a very different aerodynamic package as the team's aerodynamicists have been using the available time to improve results.

"It was always our intention to maximise development time in the windtunnel," said Toyota's technical director (chassis) Mike Gascoyne. "In this way, we have been able to run the mechanical base of the TF106 since the end of November to gather extremely valuable data from the car and the Bridgestone tyres as we concurrently work on honing the most advanced aero package possible for the first three intercontinental races. Reliability has always been a key factor of the first races, but whilst we aim to be 100% reliable. We also want to be 100% competitive. Our approach to the racing season may not enable us to be winter testing champions, but we hope that it will help us to challenge for podiums throughout the season and ultimately Toyota's maiden victory."

The car will have new front and rear wings, revised side pods, a modified diffuser, and a revamped engine cover.