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FEBRUARY 8, 2006

Chinese insist they are keen on tobacco control

The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva attended the tobacco control conference of the World Health Organization yesterday and said that his country attaches great importance to tobacco control and has taken measures to stop tobacco advertising.

"We have established a legal framework for tobacco control and public health development, by publishing Law on Tobacco Monopoly, Advertisement Law, Law on the Protection of Minors, Law on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency as well as State Council's Regulation on Public Places Hygiene Management," Sha Zukang said, adding that the Chinese government is also trying its utmost to make the 2008 Beijing Olympics a tobacco free Olympics.

The ambassador did not address the question of why Formula 1 cars are allowed to run in tobacco branding at the Chinese Grand Prix.

"The Chinese government supports the international community in adopting tobacco control measures," the Chinese ambassador told the conference. We have actively participated in and promoted the development of the FCTC."