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JANUARY 31, 2006

Alonso talks about McLaren

Fernando Alonso has been talking about his decision to leave Renault to join McLaren in 2007.

"This has been my team for five years, and Renault made me world champion at a very young age," he says. "On the other side, when I arrived in Formula 1 and spent a year with Minardi, I was fighting with the Renaults - and now we are at the front of the grid. We have helped each other. But I do not think a driver can race all his career for the same team. I am still young and felt I needed a new challenge from 2007. So I made the choice that I think is best, and my career will start a new chapter next season."

The big question is whether Alonso will be distracted in 2006 by the move.

"Not at all," says the Spaniard. "Formula 1 is a very complex sport, and we have a very long championship over 19 races. I am a competitor who always gives 100%. In our world, it is impossible to maintain your focus on the job if you are distracted. So, until the Monday after the final race, I am not thinking about anything else. It doesn't matter which cars I come up against, I will be driving to my maximum for Renault."

Perhaps a more important question is whether Renault will be distracted.