Whitmarsh wins quote of the week

McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh is a man who knows how to talk the corporate talk but at a media lunch yesterday he took the prize for one of the best remarks for months in F1 circles when discussing whether or not Super Aguri F1 will be granted the right to race in F1 in 2006.

"We have written to Super Aguri saying that we will not oppose their entry," he said. "We have done it because Honda requested it and I made it very clear to Honda that is the only reason.

"My understanding is that at least Midland (MF1) have dug in. If you are a turkey, you don't vote for Christmas and they haven't agreed."

MF1 has the most to lose if Super Aguri comes into F1 because rival tailender Minardi has been acquired by Red Bull and is investment is being made to improve the team. If Super Aguri comes in MF1 is likely to drop to 11th in the World Championship and the current structure of the sport (rightly or wrongly) means that only the top 10 receive Tv and travel money from FOM.

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