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DECEMBER 8, 2005

The trials and tribulations of Super Aguri

There are a variety of different stories doing the rounds today about what is happening with Super Aguri F1's bid to enter the World Championship in 2006. The word is that Aguri Suzuki now has the money he needs to pay the FIA bond. The $48m will thus be transferred to the FIA as quickly as possible. We hear that Softbank is to join the team as a sponsor but also as a shareholder in the team. We are hearing from Japan that there are other IT companies interested in getting involved. These may be customers of Softbank, which is a major software distribution company.

The big problem however is that the team needs all 10 teams to agree to let the team make a later entry. There is no doubt that MF1 Racing has very little to gain from helping out Suzuki as it will mean that the team will most likely be pushed to 11th place in the Constructors' Championship which will mean that the team will not qualify for TV payments. This would be a massive blow.

We hear from Japan that there may also be a problem with McLaren refusing to sign.