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DECEMBER 6, 2005

Red Bull confirms Klien

Red Bull Racing has confirmed that it is giving the second Ferrari-powered Red Bull RB2 to 22-year-old Austrian Christian Klien. The news means that Tonio Liuzzi is being consigned to Scuderia Toro Rosso where he will drive a Cosworth V10-powered car. Red Bull Racing has already confirmed that Robert Doornbos will be the third driver with RBR.

The move is interesting given the enthusiasm within Red Bull Racing for Liuzzi but it seems that Red Bull's desire to be seen to be Austrian was an important part of the decision. Klien did do well at the end of the year but there is an argument that Liuzzi might have done better if he had been given more time in the car.

What's done is done and Red Bull will no doubt be happy with it. The only real question is what it will do to Liuzzi's motivation to stay with Red Bull in the longer term.