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DECEMBER 2, 2005

The MSA gets a new boss

There is to be a change of management at the Motor Sports Association, the national sporting authority of Britain, with John Grant, the current chairman, stepping down and being replaced by Alan Gow. He will take over on January 1 2006.

Gow is an Australian who became the top man in the Holden Special Vehicles operation in the late 1980s and worked with Peter Brock's Brock Racing after that. In 1991 he went to Europe where he joined with other team bosses to establish TOCA Ltd to promote the British Touring Car Championship. In the years that followed this was a huge success and Gow went on to work on a number of other championships around the world, while also managing the career of James Courtney. In recent years he has become increasingly involved in the British scene again and is now the series director and administrator for the British Touring Car Championship. He is a director of the Motorsport Industry Association, chairman of the MSA Motorsport Strategy Development Group and a member of the UK Motor Sports Council.