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DECEMBER 1, 2005

Meanwhile at Tesco in Brackley...

Eagle-eyed shoppers at the Tesco supermarket in Brackley will have noticed that the team's branding has changed since yesterday, with a new Honda Racing F1 sign and flags replacing the old BAR-Honda branding. At the same time out in Spain Anthony Davidson has been racing around in a car which is slightly off-white and remarkably like the old creamy- white Honda F1 cars of the 1960s.

Our spies tell us that as soon as the FIA puts out its entry list - which is being held up because of discussions over Super Aguri F1 - Honda will announce the new branding of the team and will reveal that the new car will be called the RA106, in the best traditions of Honda's numbering systems.

Our spies also say that the team will at some point announce that Anthony Davidson is staying on as a third driver having failed to find a decent alternative elsewhere. This being the case, Super Aguri F1 will be looking for a second driver from somewhere else - if the team gets an entry.