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NOVEMBER 24, 2005

F1 looks to the future

F1 in Schools, the global motorsport design challenge for school children, has been granted the right to use the Formula 1 logo by Formula One Management. F1 in Schools aims to encourage youngsters to become interested in high-technology engineering and to promote teamwork.

"We are delighted to be supporting F1 in Schools," says Bernie Ecclestone. "It is extremely important to our sport to encourage young people to enter the world of high-performance engineering. F1 in Schools is a truly global challenge, which meets all the objectives of our business."

Formula 1 in Schools has just announced several new patrons, including Sam Michael, technical director of Williams F1, Ross Brawn, technical director of Ferrari and Mike Gascoyne, technical director of Toyota F1.

"My career in engineering started as a youngster because of an enthusiastic father and a Meccano set," said Ross Brawn. "F1 in Schools takes the idea to another level and contributes enormously to the education and enjoyment of these young people. There is such a broad range of disciplines along with the need to be part of a team within a competitive environment. You can see the sheer enthusiasm they have and it is great that all this enthusiasm is channelled into engineering and Formula 1. These are our engineers of the future."

F1 in Schools has also announced that the City University in London is going to award six engineering scholarships annually to the winners of the F1 in Schools international challenge.