Doornbos and Red Bull?

There are rumours in Japan that Robert Doornbos is soon to be named as the third driver of one of the two Red Bull teams. The suggestion we have heard is that this will be with the main team, where his experience will be more valuable. Doornbos, remember, raced for Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner in Formula 3000, as team mate to Tonio Liuzzi in 2004. The man who was thought to be the most likely test driver was Switzerland's Neel Jani but he has no racing experience in F1 and has done only a few tests in recent years with Sauber. Jani may thus end up as the test driver for Squadra Toro Rosso. It is still to be officially announced who will drive for which Red Bull team beyond the fact that David Coulthard will lead the main team. Scott Speed is expected to be with Squadra Toro Rosso and the two other drives will go to either Christian Klien or Tonio Liuzzi. The choice remains controversial as some feel that Liuzzi has more potential while others say that Klien proved his worth in 2005. There is merit to both arguments but one has to add that Klien had a lot more chances - and has more experience - than Liuzzi.

Doornbos is known to be on the list of test drivers for Williams and it may be that he decides that this is a better option in the long-term. Williams is expected to announce a partnership with Toyota for 2007 and beyond and being part of the team might not be such a bad idea.

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