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NOVEMBER 18, 2005

Movement in Formula 1

Things have been quiet in Formula 1 in recent days - or at least that is how it seems. However, those who were present at the Formula 1 Sponsorship Forum in Monaco were curious about the movement of some of the Formula 1 team bosses in the course of Wednesday. Nick Fry gave a speech at the forum but soon disappeared while Toyota's John Howett and Red Bull's Christian Horner both made fleeting visits for a few minutes. Also in town, we hear, were Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt and Flavio Briatore and obviously they were not there to do their Christmas shopping. The meeting did not lead to any significant changes of position.

There was a different meeting going on in London where Honda's Shoichi Tanaka was meeting with BMW's Burkhardt Goeshel to discuss whether or not he is to take on the role as the president of the Grand Prix Manufacturers' Association. It is worth noting also that the GPMA has just started its own website, called