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NOVEMBER 9, 2005

The new Silverstone

The British Racing Driver's Club says that there are nine bidders for the redevelopment of the facility. The $880m scheme would include a new circuit, an extended technology park, leisure facilities and a hotel. There is even talk of a rail link to the circuit. This would not be as expensive as one might think given that there are two paths of old railway lines running from the main line near Northampton to Towcester (more than half the distance involved) and it would be simple enough to run a connection from there alongside the new A43 to the circuit. This would involve minimal disruption to the environment. The list of developers bidding for the project include home improvement magnate Bill Archer, who recently sold his Focus Wickes chain of stores. There is America's Anschutz Entertainment Group, a sporting and music entertainment presenter which owns or operates a number of sporting venues and teams in the US. There is also St Modwen Properties PLC, a large property development and investment company concentrating on regeneration; MEPC, which develops and operates business and science parks and a smaller developer from the Midlands Spectre Developments. The bidders are expected to be whittled down in a tendering contest before the BRDC decides which is the best project to meet the needs of Silverstone.