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NOVEMBER 8, 2005

Red Bull confirms Newey

Red Bull Racing has confirmed that Adrian Newey will join the team as Chief Technical Officer at the end of February 2006. The 46-year-old engineer will leave McLaren after eight seasons during which the team won the World Championship twice with Mika Hakkinen. Prior to that he worked at Williams where his designs between 1991-1997 won a total of 58 Grand Prix victories, four Drivers' titles and five Constructors' Championships.

Newey has been working in motor racing since he joined Fittipaldi Automotive. He moved to March soon afterwards and after cutting his teeth in F2 designed the March GTP sportscar which went on to win two successive IMSA titles. At the end of 1983 he was given the job of designing March Indycars, which enjoyed huge success in the years that followed. In 1986 Newey moved to the short-lived FORCE F1 team and then worked with Newman Haas Racing in the United States. He returned to F1 as chief designer at March in 1988 and later became technical director of Leyton House Racing, which grew out of the March operation.