Foster's joins A1 Grand Prix

In a rare switch from its established philosophy, Foster's, Australia's most recognisable brand name worldwide, has announced that it is to sponsor A1 Team Australia. Normally Foster's sponsors individuals or events.

"Foster's global presence is very closely aligned with A1 racing," says the company's Adele Littame, Vice President Commercial Affairs & Brand Development. "Foster's is available in every one of the 12 countries in which there is an A1 race in the current season - Foster's is also available in every one of the 25 countries which is represented by a racing team in the competition. With millions of people already enjoying Foster's around the world each year, we are delighted to have an opportunity through sponsorship of A1 Team Australia, to further showcase the brand to a global audience of almost 300m people expected tune into the A1 Grand Prix season."

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