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OCTOBER 31, 2005

Albers signs for Midland?

On Tuesday Christijan Albers is due to make an announcement in Holland and there is speculation that this is to be a two-year deal with the Midland F1 team to race for the team for the next two seasons. This does not sound very likely unless Albers has found a considerable amount of money or Midland has decided that it can manage without pay-drivers next year. Either is possible.

The price for a Midland drive was rumoured a few weeks ago to be around $10m and with Tiago Monteiro having a decent sum from his various Portuguese backers, he was thought certain for one of the seats. Albers on the other hand did not seem to have enough money to commit himself to such a deal. If, however, he has found the cash or someone willing to guarantee the money, the drive could well be his.