Other World Council decisions

There have been a number of minor changes to the rules and regulations of racing with one new rule which will not go down very well with celebrating teams. In future team personnel and spectators will be prohibited from climbing on the pit wall debris fence during or after any circuit race. This is obviously a safety move but will not be much appreciated by the teams as not all of those involved will be able to cram onto the pit wall to salte a winning driver.

The World Council also approved the Centreline Downwash Generating wing, larger wheels with slick tyres and a single tyre supplier for 2008 but will have to wait and see if the rules get through the Technical Working Group with an 80% majority before December 31, a move which is necessary if the rules are to be brought forward to 2007.

It is worth noting that the FIA will be cerating a Commission to look at the introduction of new and future road-relevant technologies into motor sport. Each major car manufacturer will be invited to nominate two members (a senior employee plus an academic) to join the commission.

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