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OCTOBER 25, 2005

Villalonga for F1 Sponsorship Forum

Juan Villalonga, the former chairman of Telefonica and the man who took the telecommunications giant into Formula 1 is to be one of the keynote speakers at the Formula 1 Sponsorship Forum in Monaco on November 16-17. The event will be attended by hundreds of delegates from companies such as Allianz, AMD, British American Tobacco, BMW, Credit Suisse, Diageo, Intel, Panasonic, Petronas, SAP, Shell, Ford, Siemens, Emirates, Toyota Motor Corporation and Vodafone.

"I wish there had been a conference like this when I was working on the proposal to bring Telefonica into Formula 1," Villalonga said. "The sponsorship forum is the perfect opportunity for a potential sponsor to meet all the right people and do all its research within a concentrated two day period."