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OCTOBER 24, 2005

Radical thinking coming from the FIA

The Formula 1 Commission meets this morning to discuss the matters of the moment in Grand Prix racing but this is a big week for F1 and we are expecting a few interesting developments, not least some radical thinking for the 2008 regulations.

These are not expected to go as far as some of the earlier proposals put forward by the federation but we hear that the FIA research department has come up with some unusual thinking with regard to aerodynamics as it searches for ways to improve the racing. The latest idea to reduce the disruption in the air behind a car so that other cars can run closely behind is to get rid of the rear wing and replace it with smaller wings behind each rear tyre. Tests have apparently shown that this reduces the aerodynamic disruption behind a car. This is called a central downwash generating wing and has been developed in league with the FIA's technology partner AMD. It is believed that the proposals for 2008 will also include wider wheels and slick tyres and the FIA may be pushing to introduce the changes in 2007 if the teams agree.