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OCTOBER 20, 2005

The quibblesome Dutch

Holland should be basking in the fact that it has two Grand Prix drivers at the moment. There are many countries in the racing world which cannot claim such a thing and thus it is rather sad that the two men in question seem to spend most of their time taking pot-shots at one another rather than looking at the bigger picture of how to improve themselves and find better drives. Perhaps Holland is not big enough to have two competing stars but there is no reason why not. Britain has two F1 drivers at the moment and Germany three and yet they all seem to be able to manage to cohabit the sport without the need to rip at one another's throats.

It seems that the best idea for Holland is for the two men to shut up and get on with their driving rather than talking - above or below the media radar. And one wonders why the management of both men is not telling them that.