China formally ratifies anti-tobacco treaty

Chinese GP 2005

Chinese GP 2005 

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The Chinese government announced on Thursday that it has now formally ratified the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the international treaty which aims to stub out tobacco advertising. The news came in a joint statement from 13 Chinese governmental offices, including the Ministry of Health.

Tobacco advertising at sports facilities is banned in China - and has been since the passage of the 1994 Advertising Law, which states that the use of "radio, movies, television, newspaper and magazines to disseminate tobacco advertisements is banned. The setting up of tobacco advertisements in public places, including all kinds of waiting rooms, cinemas and theatres, meeting rooms and halls, sports stadia, etc, is banned."

Despite protests of anti-tobacco campaigners, the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix went ahead last year with full tobacco liveries on the cars, the Chinese government apparently keener to get F1 than to obey its own laws.

The announcement means that the law will now be specifically tightened with a ban on cigarette vending machines and on smoking in public places.

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