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SEPTEMBER 24, 2005

A race at Fuji

The negotiations (or perhaps arguments is a better description) over the Formula 1 calendar are continuing with Bernie Ecclestone telling reporters in Brazil there is not going to be a second Japanese event at Mount Fuji. Our sources in Japan are suggesting that things are a little more complicated than that because Ecclestone is willing to have a race at Mount Fuji but only if he gets a little bit more support from Toyota when it comes to the question of the commercial settlement for the sport between 2008 and 2012. Toyota has invested massively in the Fuji circuit and would like to get a Grand Prix but Bernie would like to get the commercial questions in F1 sorted out quickly and so is rumoured to be suggesting a compromise solution between the two parties.

There is a contract in place for Suzuka for the Japanese GP but this does not mean Fuji could not host a Pacific Grand Prix or indeed an Asian Grand Prix, in a similar arrangement which sees Nurburgring hosting the European GP on a regular basis.

Incidentally we are hearing that the French GP could be moved to June 11.