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SEPTEMBER 22, 2005

A clearer picture of the F1 calendar

As we suggested some time ago, Formula 1 will be going to the United States for the July 4 holiday. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has announced that the race will be on July 2 and that talks are taking place about the future.

"The response from fans wanting the event to continue has been strong," said Joie Chitwood, the Speedway President. "Their message has been: 'If there is going to be a USGP, it needs to be at Indianapolis.' So, we are expecting a successful 2006 USGP. We will continue raising the awareness of the sport in the US media. Our ticket prices remain the cheapest on the entire F1 calendar, so we do many things right. It is a challenge, though. We need the cooperation of the entire Formula 1 community. Drivers need to do more. A top Formula 1 driver has had an open invitation to be on The Late Show with David Letterman show for the past three years. That driver will not do the interview. We will do the best we can working within the constraints placed on us by the FIA and FOM."

Chitwood said that the July 4 weekend is a traditional racing weekend and gives Indianapolis more time to convert the speedway from oval to road course.

The news means that the British and French Grands Prix will almost certainly be happening in mid-June and that Canada will be on the last weekend in June.