Heidfeld signs for BMW

Nick Heidfeld has signed for the new BMW Formula 1 team and will stay with the team for three-years. Heidfeld will join the team on January 1 2006 when his contract with Williams runs out. The British team chose not to take up an option for his services next year.

"We are very pleased that Nick will be with us in what will undoubtedly be a difficult initial phase," said Dr Mario Theissen, BMW's head of motorsport. "He is not simply a fast and courageous driver, he is also an analytical and meticulous worker."

The German media is reporting that Nick Heidfeld travelled to Munich yesterday in order to sign the contract which will pay him $9.4m a year. This seems rather a lot given his level of performance to date.

BMW also announced that it will be expanding its workforce at Hinwil from the current 300 people to around 400, in addition to the 300 who work on the engines in Munich.

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