The churlish Mr Todt

Jean Todt, Belgian GP 2005

Jean Todt, Belgian GP 2005 

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Jean Todt was his usual graceless self over the news that Paul Stoddart has sold Minardi to Red Bull. The Ferrari boss said that he did not think Stoddart has contributed anything to Formula 1. Todt presumably does not like what Stoddart has done in recent months to isolate Ferrari in F1 politics. This was unnecessary and, in the view of many others, churlish in the extreme, as Stoddart's passion for the sport and his willingness to fight for what he believes to be right were much appreciated by others with a less blinkered view of the sport.

The bad news for Todt is that Stoddart will probably not be out of Formula 1 for long.

"For the next couple of months I have to get Ozjet up and running in Australia," said Stoddart on Sunday, "but after that I cannot see myself staying out of the sport. I just can't. You cannot just turn away from 10 years in the business and all my friends. This has been a very emotional weekend and I really haven't thought much about what happens next. I still love Formula 1 and that is really what is important."

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