A Formula 1 Sponsorship Forum

The Formula One group is backing a Formula 1 sponsorship forum which will be held in Monaco on November 16-17. The plan is for the event to enable all of sport's stakeholders to network, debate and close deals. The conference is to be chaired by Julian Jakobi, the deputy-chairman of CSS Stellar PLC and a man who has spent over 20 years at the forefront of F1, as a driver manager and as a marketeer.

"We are clearly at a crossroads for the future which will have a big impact on the lives and business of everyone involved with Formula 1," Jakobi says. "This conference is a perfect opportunity to discuss many of these issues".

The conference has also recently gained the support of Bernie Ecclestone, who says that the event will be "an exciting addition to the commercial value of Formula 1".

The Formula 1 Sponsorship Forum is designed to be a place where sponsors, potential sponsors, teams, suppliers, manufacturers, hospitality, media research, driver managers, finance houses, agents, broadcasters, media, circuits, travel agents and others gather.

"We have received positive encouragement from literally hundreds of business people involved in F1 and motor sport, many of whom have already committed to the Forum," says forum director Simon Berger. "There is so much to talk about the business of the sport, so much change taking place, that the timing of the Formula 1 Sponsorship Forum could not be more opportune. This is an exciting opportunity for key industry personnel to get together and interact in a very unique environment."

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