The market is on the move

The word from Munich is that Nick Heidfeld has signed a two-year deal to race for BMW in 2007 and 2008. There is currently no word about 2006 as Heidfeld is under a Williams option at the moment but this runs out in about a week from now and it may be that Heidfeld can then be confirmed officially with a three-year BMW deal. If not he will move to the team in 2007 as a replacement for Jacques Villeneuve.

This may have a knock-on effect on Heidfeld's current employment as there is little point in Williams continuing with Heidfeld if he is going to move elesewhere in 2006 and it may be that the team decides to replace him for the final races of the year. This could provide the opportunity to give Antonio Pizzonia some more time in the car in case he is needed next year if Jenson Button manages to get out of his Williams contract. It is a chance that might convince Pizzonia to stick around during the winter while the Button business is sorted out.

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