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Michelin attacks single tyre

Michelin has attacked the FIA plan to have a control tyre in Formula 1 from 2008 onwards.

"This proposal to work with a single tyre manufacturer in reality conceals a fundamental issue: the reduction of the role of the tyre to that of a banal component with no other added value than permitting Formula 1 cars to be mobile," said Michelin's Pierre Dupasquier. "As the world's leading tyre manufacturer that is something we cannot accept. In day to day life, road car and truck manufacturers are forever coming to us with a view to developing new tyres that optimise the running, comfort, road holding and energy efficiency of their vehicles, while in Formula 1, a technological showcase if ever there was one, you are talking about tyres becoming something banal. That would make no sense at all for our customers and for the image of the tyre.

"The true spirit of racing means having two manufacturers, or even more."