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AUGUST 26, 2005

Dor tries single seaters

It is worth noting that the new A1 Team Switzerland appears to be being run by Care Racing Developments, which is the racing operation run by sportscar racer Frederic Dor from his premises at Gilly, near Nyon in Switzerland. Dor has competed for many years, starting out in rallying, where he developed a relationship with Prodrive. He then decided to go GT Racing with a Ferrari 550 and established Care Racing to fund the project. The first Prodrive-prepared 550 appeared in July 2001 and was soon winning races. In 2002 the cars were raced for Care by BMS Scuderia Italia and won four times and in 2003 the team swept all before it to win take Thomas Biagi and Matteo Bobbi to the FIA GT Championship. The team also won the GTS class at Le Mans and also won races in the American Le Mans Series. It seems that Dor has now decided to try his hand at single-seaters with A1 Team Switzerland in the new A1 Grand Prix series. Fortunately Dor is seriously wealthy thanks to the success of his SociŽtŽ de Services Maritimes SA, a company which buys, sells and operates large ships, notably oil tankers.