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AUGUST 24, 2005

The difference between Formula One and Formula One

Research into the behind the scenes activity in and around Formula 1 has revealed some interesting new facts, not least that a company called Formula One Promotions and Administration Ltd is not only applying for the European trademarks of GP1 but is also the holder of the GP2 trademark. Formula One Promotions and Administration Ltd is registered in London and was incorporated in 1977 as Motor Racing Developments (International) Ltd.

Those who are well-versed in the ways of Formula 1 will instantly recognise this company has having been linked to the Brabham F1 team, which Bernie Ecclestone owned in the 1970s and 1980s. It is registered at an address in central London different to the main Formula One Group headquarters at Prince's Gate. Oddly enough, the address is also the registered headquarters of Parmalat (UK) Ltd, a company which was started in the 1970s at a time when Brabham was being sponsored by the now-troubled Italian food company.

This may not mean much as the address also harbours the Family Planning Association Bookshop, which is not thought to be part of the extensive Ecclestone financial empire.

What is most interesting in all of this is that Ecclestone appears to be using a Formula One named company outside the Formula One Group. In fact, he owns several such companies which include Formula One Racing Promotions Ltd and Formula One Race Car Engineering Ltd, which F1 fans will remember was once a Formula 1 team, owned by Carl Haas, which Ecclestone later took over and used to build Alfa Romeo 164 silhouette racing cars.