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AUGUST 18, 2005

Willi Weber dodges bullet number 1

Michael and Ralf Schumacher's manager, Willi Weber has had perjury charges dropped by a Stuttgart court according to the DPA. After five days of deliberations in Stuttgart, Weber offered to pay around $61,000 USD to a non-profit charity by the end of August.

The charges stemmed from allegations that Willi Webber cut out Burkhard Nuppeney from his share of Michael Schumacher's management fees. Nuppeney claims that he had a fifty percent stake in the career of Michael Schumacher from 1989-1999. Willi Webber is rumored to have received about 20 percent of Schumacher's earnings, which are estimated to be around $74 million USD per year.

Nuppeney allegedly withdrew from his position as Schumacher's manager leaving Weber to be the sole manager. Udo Wagenhauser was found guilty of committing perjury last year when he validated Weber's story that Nuppeney had given up his management role of Schumacher voluntarily.

There is still an outstanding dispute between Nuppeney and Weber that has not been resolved. Nuppeney has filed suit against Weber for almost $7 million USD, a case which should commence sometime this fall.