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AUGUST 17, 2005

Former NFL quarterbacks make Nascar move

Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach, two former Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks turned Dallas businessmen have formed 'Hall of Fame Racing' and plan to compete in NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series next year.

The team has picked up Dallas-based technology firm Texas Instruments as their primary sponsor. Financial terms of the three year deal have been withheld but such a deal is usually worth about $15 million to $20 million per year in the Nextel Cup Series.

The two former NFL players have both started successful businesses after their NFL careers. Aikman owns a car dealership and Staubach owns a real estate firm. The pair has been trying to break into the racing game for about two years and almost had a deal with Hendrick motorsport about a year ago. After the deal fell apart they were able to work out a deal with Joe Gibbs Racing to provide cars, engines, and personnel.

Although the team does not yet have a crew chief or driver yet, they remain positive about being prepared to be competitive in their debut race, The Daytona 500 next February. "We're going to have to fast-track it on some things, but we can put a team together and a competitive team," Aikman said. "Everything has come together in a positive way."