Ferrari to run tobacco branding in Italy?

Michael Schumacher, Hungarian GP 2005

Michael Schumacher, Hungarian GP 2005 

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According to reports in the British press Ferrari is going to try to dodge the European tobacco ban, using the argument that the Italian Grand Prix is a national event rather than a cross-border competition.

"Our official line is that we will always abide by the law of the country where we are racing," the report in the Daily Telegraph quoted Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni as saying. "As far as Monza is concerned, I suggest you read the law passed by the Italian parliament."

We have done that and it seems to us that the law is fairly clear on this matter.

Italian Law No 165, which came into force on April 10 1962 banned advertising of tobacco products, stating that: "Advertising of any tobacco product, whether domestic of foreign, is forbidden".

Law No 52 of February 22 1983 increased the penalties involved and in 1995 the Italian Corte di Cassazione (Italy's Supreme Court) ruled that the law should be stronger.

It is worth noting that in recent years Ferrari has always run Marlboro logos at the Italian races.

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