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JULY 30, 2005

But is it ART?

Nicolas Todt's ART team in GP2 has been super-competitive in recent weeks but in Hungary the team ran into trouble after the FIA Technical Delegate spotted an irregularity with the suspension set-up on the cars of Nico Rosberg and Alexandre Premat. The two cars have been handling very well in recent races in compared to the opposition with Rosberg winning races in Magny-Cours, Silverstone and the team finishing 1-2 in one of the races in Hockenheim. This propelled Rosberg to second in the championship just four points behind Kovalainen.

The FIA stewards in Budapest ruled that the cars must start from the back of the grid. The ART team did not appeal the decision.

It will be interesting to see how competitive the cars are when they are running the suspension set-up that everyone else is using.