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JULY 30, 2005

Toyota confirms Midland F1 deal

Toyota has confirmed that it will be supplying engines to the Midland F1 team (nee Jordan) in 2006. The news has been expected for several days and brings to an end any hope that Williams may have had of using the Japanese engines next year. Williams is expected to conclude a deal in the months ahead with Toyota to use the company's engines in 2007 and beyond but will race in 2006 with Cosworth V8s. This may not be a bad idea as Cosworth has enormous experience of such engines and will have an advantage over the richer engine-makers at the start of the new V8 formula.

Now that Midland has signed the engine deal it would be logical that we will see some investment if the team, if it wishes to be taken seriously for the future. There remain well-founded rumours that the team is for sale but the $66m price tag is a great deal more than the team is actually worth.