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JULY 15, 2005

Now everyone is into surveys

Following the FIA Survey of Formula 1 fans, the Grand Prix world has woken up to the idea that it is a good idea to ask the customer what they would like to see in the F1 "shop" and Bernie Ecclestone's website is now conducting a survey asking readers whether they prefer one type of qualifying or another.

The first proposal is for a 60-minute session split into two 25-minute sessions with a 10-minute break between them. Drivers would run as many laps as they wish but must set a time in both halves of the session. The best times from each part of the session would then be added up to produce a grid time. There would be no restriction on fuel with teams able to refuel during and after the session.

The alternative is a 60-minute session in which cars are gradually eliminated. After 15 minutes the slowest five cars would be eliminated and classed 16th to 20th on the grid. In the second 15 minutes the same would happen, but there would be no carry-over of the times from the first 15-minutes, and so another five would be eliminated and would thus take 11th to 15th places on the grid. This would leave 10 cars running in the final half hour and once again no times would be carried over. Thee drivers could run as many times as they wish and there would once again be no fuel restrictions.

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