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JULY 7, 2005

The FIA survey result

The FIA has announced details of its survey of race fans, which took place before the recent debacle at Indianapolis. The survey attracted 93,000 answers and revealed pretty much what one expect to see from fans. They want more overtaking first and foremost with three-quarters saying that they want more emphasis placed on driver skill. Sixty-nine percent want more teams and 84% want 18 or more races. Only 15% of the respondents said that F1 incorporates the right balance of technology and driver skill. The most popular circuits are Monaco and Spa with 55% and 53% of fans with Silverstone, Monza and Suzuka all scoring well. Almost all the people polled watch the races but only 76% watch all of them. Ninety-five percent have visited an F1 website but only 55% are willing to buy an F1 publication. Nearly half the fans said that they had bought merchandise, this being highest in the United States and lowest in Germany.

Not surprisingly the FIA says that the survey supports its long term aims for the sport.

It is worth noting that we have received one or two (but only one or two) e-mails suggesting that the survey was frustrating because the range of answers available did not include what the people wanted to say.

Market research in F1 is a new concept and is to be welcomed. Given that the sport claims 300m viewers per race it would be interesting to hear from even more of them.

For full details go to: Survey Results