The trouble with F1 in 200 words

The FIA yesterday published a draft of the technical regulations it wants for 2008 and beyond - and an explanation of why it wants them. The primary aim is to cut costs by reducing the technology involved. To do this there must be much more FIA control of key elements within the cars. The system aims to produce cars which are more evenly matched and to stop manufacturers from buying success and driving the smaller F1 teams out of business.

The new rules being proposed change the ethos of F1, in order to maintain a good show.

Contrast this with the FIA's attitude recently at Indianapolis.

On that occasion the teams did everything possible to make sure that a race would take place. The FIA stuck to the rules to the extent to which it became impossible for the Michelin runners to take part in the race.

The philosophy then was to stick to the rules at all costs, even if it was at the expense of the show.

The two attitudes are utterly contradictory.

When one gets through all the smoke and the mirrors, the clear impression is that this is not about anything other than control of the sport.

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