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JULY 3, 2005

The F1 drivers opt for private talks

The Formula 1 drivers spent a lot of time talking to one another last weekend at Magny-Cours with a series of meetings taking place over the course of the weekend. There was also a lot of action with documents flying around, some of which required signatures. But then on Sunday stories began to emerge that there would be a statement about conversations which took place between Grand Prix Drivers' Association chairman David Coulthard and FIA President Max Mosley last week after 19 drivers signed a letter in support of the teams for the FIA World Motorsport Council last week, detailing why the FIA's idea of a speed limit at Indianapolis was a bad idea and saying that a chicane was a better concept.

Well-founded paddock sources indicated that all the activity started after DC told his fellow drivers what Mosley had said to him. These explanations appeared to upset a number of the drivers but getting anyone to say anything on the record proved to be impossible. It seemed as though none of them would say anything about the FIA.

When stories began to emerge about a possible statement being issued Coulthard put a lid on them, blaming the press for "knowing only half the story". It is not surprising that some members of the media were less than happy about this.

Coulthard did admit on Sunday that "the drivers have some concerns" and said that a meeting was scheduled with Mosley next week.

Our sources in the paddock say that 60% of the drivers wanted to publish a statement and the rest did not, preferring to try to keep things out of the public eye.