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JULY 3, 2005

Max Mosley and the F1 drivers

It has been known for several days that a row was brewing following conversations between Max Mosley and David Coulthard about the statement made by the drivers as part of the Michelin teams' defence at the FIA World Council meeting on Wednesday, but up to now no driver has been willing to say anything on the record about what was said.

We asked the FIA for a reaction on Sunday morning but at the moment the federation is saying nothing.

There have been allegations that threats were involved but until someone is willing to be quoted on the subject it is difficult to know exactly what has been going on.

A statement has been prepared by the drivers but at the moment it has still to be released to the media. Even if this does not happen, it is clear that there is now friction between Mosley and the drivers.

There are also reports that most of the drivers have different views to those expressed by Michael Schumacher.