French peasants are revolting

Francois Schneider and his donkey Jujube

Francois Schneider and his donkey Jujube 


The Grand Prix de France was designed to bring economic welfare to the Nievre departement of France. It is not really been very successful in this respect but it is ironic that this weekend the event is going to be attacked by anti-consumerism campaigner Francois Schneider and his donkey Jujube, who are being followed by a bunch of protesters who are calling for the Grand Prix to be cancelled, claiming that the event is the ultimate expression of consumer society.

"We want the end of this anachronistic activity reserved for a score of spoilt rich brats," says the organisation on its website.

The aim of the march is clearly to block traffic and attract publicity for their cause.

The march is apparently being supported by Jose Bove, an anti-globalisation activist famous for trashing a McDonalds restaurant until 1999. Bove has since been a symbol of old-fashioned France, complete with an Asterix moustache, fighting against big bad globalisation.

The walk is covering 15km a day and is currently at Imphy, which is seven miles to the east of Magny-Cours. The march will go to Nevers tonight and tomorrow will head south on the main road to the circuit. On Sunday morning the walk will go to the town hall of Magny-Cours to register their complaint.

After the mess in Indianapolis, this is just what Formula 1 needs.

If is worth noting that the French Grand Prix was threatened by a truckers' strike in 1991 but that did not stop F1 going ahead and ignoring the road blocks.

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