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JUNE 29, 2005

World Council decision

The seven teams are guilty of failing to ensure that they were in possession of suitable tyres for the United States Grand Prix but with strong mitigating circumstances.

They where guilty of wrongfully refused to allow their cars to start the race having regard to their right to use the pitlane on each lap. They where not guilty of refusing to race subject to a speed restriction having regard to the absence of any detailed plan for this.

Not guilty of combining to make a demonstration for the reason that they had hoped to race until the last minute. They where not guilty of failing to inform the stewards of their intention not to start for the same reason.

The World Motorsport Council has decided to adjourn discussion of any penalty until an extraordinary meeting of the WMSC on Sept 14th. The WMSC will also examine what steps have been taken by the seven Michelin teams and their supplier to compensate the Formula 1 fans and repair the damage to the reputation of the Indianapolis Motor Sped at and the image of Formula 1; what steps have been taken by the Michelin teams to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.