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JUNE 28, 2005

F1 teams meet today in Paris

The seven Formula 1 teams involved in the debacle in Indianapolis will meet today in Paris, with Minardi's Paul Stoddart and representatives of the car manufacturers involved in Formula 1 to discuss their plans for the FIA World Council meeting tomorrow. It is likely they will also look at various different reactions to potential punishments. Although there appear to be attempts being made to portray the teams as divided the signs are that they will stick together, as they did at Indianapolis. There are some who believe that a conciliatory approach is the way to go forward but even they say that if there is a harsh punishment from the FIA, they will rebel. What is not clear in all of this is what they will do but there is the obvious choice of boycotting the French Grand Prix and there may even be the possibility of hosting a rebel race, at just a few days notice. The F1 teams are currently setting up their equipment at Magny-Cours.

FIA meetings are taking place this week in Paris and so many of the delegates to the World Council will have the opportunity to talk things over with their colleagues before they go into the meeting on Wednesday morning at the Place de la Concorde.