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JUNE 17, 2005

Mr Shnaider: Let's get serious

This weekend we should hear that the Jordan F1 team, which is supposed to become Midland F1 in 2006, will have Toyota engines once again. There has been a lot of talk about team owner Alex Shnaider's grand plans but so far we have seen nothing to suggest that he is getting serious about 2006. And now is the time when we need to be seeing the signs. Now is the time that he should be announcing a new engine deal and a new technical director. Now is the time that we should be hearing that there will new engineers heading for the team. But at the moment there is nothing happening. A Toyota deal is on the table and Shnaider has to come up with a cheque if he wants to secure the engines. Toyota is being incredibly loyal waiting for a decision because with Williams lurking in the wings, there is a much better option available for the manufacturer next year. Toyota could be winning with two teams in 2006 if it plays its cards right.

It is fair to say that the morale of the Jordan team at the moment is right up with the morale of the band on the SS Titanic. They are playing on but a lot of them are wondering if it might not be a better idea to grab a life jacket and jump.

Shnaider bought the team with grand plans but he seems not to have much interest in the sport. The whole business is a complete mystery to those who watch F1 team bosses come and go.

Now is the time to get serious - or to get out.