BMW and Williams - where do we go from here?

Mark Webber, Canadian GP 2005

Mark Webber, Canadian GP 2005 

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While everyone was concentrating on the race in Montreal on Sunday, the BMW Williams pit had a low-key but very important visitor, BMW's chief financial officer Stefan Krause, who is tipped to be the man who will take over as chairman within the next few years. Krause was in Montreal to listen to what the various parties have to say about the current state of affairs - and to watch a motor race.

The BMW board is in the process of deciding about what to do for the future with the choice being to follow a plan put forward by BMW Motorsport's Mario Theissen to buy the Sauber team or to stick with Williams, which has made it very clear that there will have to be changes if the relationship is to continue. A decision is due before the end of the month and it is not altogether surprising that Williams is also talking to other potential partners as there appears to be little desire to stay with BMW if the current structure remains. The big question is who is talking to Williams. There are rumours that the team is in contact with Toyota with the plan being to run cars with Lexus-badged engines. At the same time we have heard stories suggesting that Honda is pushing hard to get Williams on board. It is not quiet sure which of these plans is the most likely but there is no doubt something is happening as a couple of Williams executives were spotted in Narita Airport in Tokyo the other day.

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