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JUNE 9, 2005

Webber firing on all cylinders

Mark Webber says that drivers are not being consulted about rule changes and says that he is not happy with the tyre rules. Webber said that Kimi Raikkonen's accident at the Nurburgring was not the last accident that will happen because of tyre problems.

"The drivers' opinions are not very important," he said. "We never get listened to. Nothing changes really. I personally think running a race on one set of tyre in some cases will be more dangerous for the driver. People think the changes have been quite good because the racing has been better. Look at Fernando Alonso. He was four seconds per lap slower in Monaco, he could do nothing about it. His race was destroyed. In the 1980s, they used to do the whole race on one set of tyres if they wanted to, but if Nelson Piquet or Keke Rosberg wanted to shoot off then they could come in and put a new set of tyres on. Now we can't do that. I think the tyre regulation is a risky game. Kimi's thing was good for TV, people love that sort of stuff, but at the end of the day there is still a human strapped into the car. I don't like to talk about what could happen, but every driver in the pit lane would say it is more risky."