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JUNE 12, 2005

Race incidents from Montreal

Ferrari decided to start Rubens Barrichello from the pitlane but otherwise the field lined up as planned. It was hot but a huge crowd had assembled on the Ile de Notre Dame.

* Lap 1: At the start both Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher got away slowly and the two Renaults surged ahead, Giancarlo Fisichella going to the right and Fernando Alonso to the left. Fisichella had the advantage and took the lead. Further back the two McLarens went away well and Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen were fifth and sixth, after Raikkonen went around the outside of Schumacher's Ferrari in Turn 2. In the course of the first lap Takuma Sato had a small off but did not lose much time. At the end of the lap Fisichella was ahead of Alonso by seven-tenth, with Button third ahead of Montoya, Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher. Jarno Trulli was seventh with Sato eighth. Felipe Massa was up to ninth with Nick Heidfeld 10th. The big losers on the first lap was Jacques Villeneuve who dropped from eighth on the grid to 13th.

* Lap 2: Fisichella set the fastest lap of the race and pulled out a gap of 1.1secs, while Alonso was two seconds ahead of Button. Further back on the grid Ralf Schumacher passed David Coulthard for 11th place. Further back Narain Karthikeyan and Rubens Barrichello both overtook Patrick Friesacher to move up to 16th and 17th places. At the back of the field Villeneuve pitted for a new front wing, presumably after contact with another car.

* Lap 5: The two Renaults had pulled away from Button but the order was the same except that Rubens Barrichello overtook Karthikeyan for 16th. Tiago Monteiro also overtook Friesacher for 18th place.

* Lap 8: Barrichello moves ahead of Christijan Albers for 15th place. Karthikeyan had a spin and dropped to 18th behind Monteiro.

* Lap 12: Fisichella was 1.2secs ahead of Alonso with a gap of six seconds back to Button. The two McLarens were following, looking strong. Michael Schumacher's qualifying performance was highlighted by an early pit stop. He fell from sixth to 12th. This allowed Jarno Trulli to move to sixth. At the back of the field Villeneuve caught and passed Friesacher for 19th place.

* Lap 15: Button headed for the pits, showing that he too had qualified light. He dropped back from third to seventh. Further back Ralf Schumacher also pitted and fell back from 11th to 16th.

* Lap 16: Takuma Sato pitted and dropped from sixth to 12th. Further back Albers stopped after an impressive first stint in his Minardi.

* Lap 17: Friesacher pitted but being last did not lose any places.

* Lap 18: The two Renaults were running nose-to-tail at the front but the McLarens were now lapping fast with Montoya setting fastest lap in third place, closing the gap to the Renaults to around five seconds. In the midfield Coulthard pitted and dropped from ninth to 15th.

* Lap 20: Monteiro was the last of the three-stop runners to pit and fell from 16th to 18th.

* Lap 21: The first two-stop runners headed for the pitlane with seventh-placed Massa and eighth-placed Heidfeld followed into the pit lane by Christian Klien's Red Bull

* Lap 22: Sato and Karthikeyan both pitted. Sato does not reappear for more than 20 laps.

* Lap 23: Fifth-placed Trulli was the first frontrunner to stop and fell back from fifth place to eighth. This promoted Button to fifth and Michael Schumacher to sixth. Mark Webber was up to seventh.

* Lap 24: Alonso headed into the pitlane and Raikkonen followed him into the pits. This promoted Montoya to second while Alonso rejoined in third. Raikkonen rejoined behind Alonso.

* Lap 25: Fisichella and Montoya headed for the pits. Fisichella stayed in the lead with Alonso behind him again but Montoya went wide onto the grass at the first corner but still managed to stay ahead of Raikkonen. Karthikeyan hit the wall in the back section and headed for the pits to retire.

* Lap 26: The order was re-established with the big loser being Trulli who was stuck behind some of the three-stop runners. Fisichella's advantage was 3.3secs clear of Alonso with Montoya another three seconds behind.

* Lap 27: Villeneuve headed to the pits but remained in 15th position.

* Lap 28: Mark Webber had run a very long first stint and was running seventh. He pitted and dropped back to ninth.

* Lap 30: Webber made a mistake at the hairpin and dropped behind Massa, Heidfeld and Ralf Schumacher.

* Lap 31: Barrichello headed to the pitlane for his first stop, having started with a full tank of fuel. He dropped back from eighth place to 12th.

* Lap 32: Friesacher was the first of the three-stop runners to pit

* Lap 33: Fisichella slowed with an hydraulic problem and Alonso took the lead and Montoya moved to second place. At the end of the lap Fisichella pitted to retire.

* Lap 34: Button and Michael Schumacher came in for their second stops. They remained in fourth and fifth places.

* Lap 35: The order at the front was Alonso just 1.5secs ahead of Montoya with a gap of 4.8secs back to Raikkonen. There was then a big gap back to Button and Schumacher with Trulli sixth, Massa seventh, Heidfeld eighth, Ralf Schumacher ninth and Webber 10th. Barrichello was 11th. At the tail of the field Friesacher had his second pit stop.

* Lap 36: Monteiro pitted for his second stop and remained in 15th place.

* Lap 39: Alonso hit the wall at the back of the track. He trailed around to the pits to retire. This put Montoya into the lead with Raikkonen second around five seconds behind. Button was third and Michael Schumacher fourth, but the pair were nearly half a second behind.

* Lap 41: Friesacher makes another pit stop.

* Lap 43: Heidfeld suffered an engine failure and so Ralf Schumacher moved to seventh and Webber to eighth. Sato reappeared from the pitlane.

* Lap 45: Ralf Schumacher was the first of the two-stop runners to stop. He dropped from seventh to ninth.

* Lap 47: The gap between Montoya and Raikkonen at the front was done to around three seconds. Button was under pressure from Schumacher in third and crashed at the last corner. A Safety Car was deployed. The man who was able to gain the most advantage was Barrichello who pitted immediately. The Brazilian did not have a radio so reacting to the Safety Car signs was a clever move.

* Lap 48: Everyone other than Montoya pitted. This gave Raikkonen an advantage and closed the gaps down through the field.

* Lap 49: Montoya came into the pits and would have rejoined in seventh or eight but drove through a red light at the end of the pitlane. The result was that he was black-flagged and excluded from the event.

* Lap 52: The race restarted with Raikkonen ahead of the still-to-be-penalised Montoya. Michael Schumacher was third having gained back a half minute disadvantage from the leaders. Trulli was third with Webber fourth but the Australian made another mistake and fell behind Barrichello and Massa

* Lap 53: Montoya was black-flagged. This put Schumacher up to second with Trulli third, Barrichello fourth, Massa fifth and Webber sixth. A lap behind were Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard, Christian Klien and Villeneuve. Monteiro and Albers were two laps behind.

* Lap 63: Schumacher has closed in on Raikkonen, who had a trouble with a misaligned steering wheel. Trulli was in dire trouble with his brakes and retired with a brake failure. Barrichello moved to third.

* Lap 64: Barrichello had an off which allowed Massa to close right up on his but Felipe had Webber in his mirrors. At the same time Sato spun out with no brakes, although he was running more than 20 laps behind.

* Lap 70: Raikkonen took the chequered flag more than a second ahead of Schumacher. Barrichello was half a minute behind in third place just ahead of Massa and Webber. Ralf Schumacher was sixth, a lap behind. The final points went to Coulthard and Klien. The other survivors were Villeneuve, Monteiro and Albers.